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Since 2005 there has been a 75% increase in the number of residential care facilities in Cambodia, many of these are in Siem Reap. Research by UNICEF found that almost half the children placed in orphanages have one living parent.
 Poverty often forces parents to give up their children hoping the orphanage will offer better education opportunities. Numerous reports show children fail to thrive in residential care and many are asked to leave once they reach adulthood with little support or life skills. 
At GHCC our aim is to keep families together, providing the parents with skills and the ability support their family, there by maintaining the family unit.

 Why sponsor a family and not an individual child?

Cambodian families are closely knitted with children playing an essential part in the day to day survival; serving on the market stall, catching fish or frogs, planting rice and caring for young siblings. Sponsoring an individual child sets them apart from their siblings.
We ask for a minimum donation of $5/£5 a month.
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Water Filter for safe drinking water   Well being dug Typical Kitchen
Installing water filter safe drinking water Well being dug 
Typical Cambodian kitchen

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