Entrance to Grace House Community Centre


Grace House Community Centre is a non-religious, non-political registered Cambodian Non Government Organisation (NGO) No 580 and a registered charity in England and Wales No.1155678 under the name "Grace House Cambodia Trust".

Situated 4 kms outside of Siem Reap, on the road to Tonle Sap, where the villagers make a living subsistence farming and fishing. Grace House was opened in November 2008 by Globalteer, a UK charity, but is now an independent locally managed organization.

Siem Reap is famous for the Angkor Wat temple complex but little of the wealth generated by the tourist trade finds its way to the poorer farming villages in the area.


 Mission Statement


"Enabling the community to become sustainable through education, family support and health care."





In providing opportunities to learn vocational, craft and language skills families will increase their ability to earn an income or run a business, enabling them to become self sufficient. Grace House Community Centre intends to achieve this by supporting  families while learning new skills and setting up new business. Offering access to health care sanitation, clean water, dry homes, safe electricity and micro loans. Educating the children in English Language and ensuring they receive a state education. Encourage inclusion of children with disabilities in Siem Reap Province by enabling them to receive specialist education and a safe, caring environment for respite or long-term care.

Road sign at Grace House Community Centre